Local signage should can have local content


Why do we like digital signage?

Digital Out of Home - DOOH - is the most local form of mass media

A lot of engaging location-based content is available - why make people look it up when they can just look up and see it along their way?

Massive ambient audience - no tune-in, downloads, clicks, or subscriptions required for viewing

Ideal for stumble-upon, at-a-glance viewing

Advanced technology puts premium local content on big local screens in front of a measurable audience

What is RoadifyTVTM

We deliver siloed local content to fragmented signage networks-
scalable distribution from silo to screen


How RoadifyTV Works

All-in-one tool for local content selection, styling and deployment


1. Select: Select location & content


2. Style: Choose a presentation template...


2. Style: Choose a presentation template... or developers can build custom designs with direct access to our JSON


3. Deploy: Copy the display URL, paste it into the signage network's CMS and launch unit on local screens


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